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MMC to debate most pressing industry issues at new Marketing Procurement conference

Updated: Mar 27

This spring sees the launch of an exciting new Marketing Procurement/media management conference and MMC is proud to be a partner. The inaugural event, organised by the industry specialist website Marketing Procurement iQ, will be held in London on 16 -17 April 2024.

Day two of the conference is focused on Media Management, and MMC will play a key role in sharing the latest thinking and hot topics affecting the advertising industry. Nick Manning, MMC Chairman and an independent advertising and media consultant, will present the keynote speech. As the world of media is changing substantially and disrupting traditional business models, there are both new opportunities and risks, as markets respond to consumer behaviour changes driven by technology. This session will discuss what this means for Marketing Procurement - today and tomorrow. Nick will provide a perspective on the factors reshaping media, and the impact of Retail Media, Digital Commerce, Connected TV, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, and Identity issues, among many other factors.

Following on directly after the keynote, is a panel discussion chaired by Jane Dormer, Global Client Services Director, MMC. She will introduce "Media Transparency – Beyond the Financials," a panel discussion with the expert insights of Stephen Broderick, CEO, MMC; Gerry D’Angelo, Advisory Board Member, MMC and former global media director at P&G, and Nick Swimer, who will soon join Lee & Thompson LLP as a partner.

With the ever-increasing mix of media channels available, the panel will discuss why it has never been more important for clients to ensure they have oversight and governance over the long list of obligations that the agencies have with advertisers in MSA’s, especially in relation to digital channels. Stephen, Gerry and Nick will discuss what clients need to put in place to ensure agency compliance & transparency is extended to the whole contract and not just the traditional financial elements such as ‘Unbilled media’ and rebates.

Have you booked your ticket yet? We have several complimentary passes available for procurement practitioners - reach out to Stephen Broderick or Jane Dormer to grab yours. reach out to our team. For further information visit the MPIQ website. 

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