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Contract Compliance Audits

Our contract compliance audit will review if an agency’s management of your marketing budget is compliant with the agreed terms of business.

Read on to understand how our contract compliance audits would benefit your organisation.

Our aim

Media Marketing Compliance’s contract compliance audits help an advertiser to:

  • Gain transparency on how the agency manages the advertiser’s funds.

  • Understand where the agency earns its revenues on the advertiser’s account.

  • Gain visibility into how the agency interacts with the suppliers utilized on the advertiser’s behalf.

  • Identify any non-compliant behaviours and implement steps to ensure any such issues are corrected through:

    • the return of the financial amounts due to the advertiser; and/or

    • amending ways of working and processes.

Advertisers can utilise audit learnings from contract compliance audits to ensure that any future contracts:

  • Work in the advertiser’s best interest.

  • Create transparency, accountability and value.

  • Are understood and implemented by all stakeholders (at both the agency and advertiser).

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the audit services Media Marketing Compliance provides and the marketing categories we specialise in, please click on the link below to find the right contact for your location.

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