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If you are at the start of a new agency partnership, it is important to fully understand the roles and responsibilities for both you and your agency partner.

Media Marketing Compliance can help to ensure there is full transparency from day one.

Our aim

Prevention rather than Cure!

As the advertiser–agency relationships have become increasingly complex, the contracts and working practices that govern and underpin the relationships include a growing number of obligations of both the agency and advertiser teams.

As such, it is helpful for both parties to fully understand their responsibilities under the agreed contract terms from the outset of the relationship.

Onboarding ensures that any misunderstandings which could lead to potentially non-compliant behaviour are eliminated early in the relationship, rather than being discovered after anywhere from 12-36 months down the line when the non-compliant behaviour has become standard practice requiring a greater effort to adjust.

In addition to limiting the negative impacts of contractual misinterpretation, onboarding also allows the ability to positively reinforce other aspects of the relationship, such as reiterating the required frequency of key reporting or timeliness of regular financial reconciliations and returns.

At the start of the relationship or contract term, our specialists can spend time onboarding both the agency and advertiser teams:

  • Explaining and de-jargoning contract clauses.

  • Clarifying the type of benefits the contract requires to be returned to the advertiser.

  • Scheduling a timetable for disclosure of key financial reports.

  • Implementing a schedule for repatriation of these returns.

  • Ensuring certain information and data is retained and made available to the advertiser or their appointed auditor.

  • Confirming reporting and reconciliation requirements, including uploading data to advertiser management information systems.

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If you would like to learn more about the audit services Media Marketing Compliance provides and the marketing categories we specialise in, please click on the link below to find the right contact for your location.

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