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Media Marketing Compliance Appoints Nick Manning As Non-Executive Chairman

Media Marketing Compliance (MMC) has announced the appointment of Nick Manning into the new role of Non-Executive Chairman, as the company gears up for the next stage in its expansion. MMC provides specialist expertise in contract compliance management and verification worldwide, enabling full adherence to agreed contractual terms by marketing agencies across all categories.

Nick Manning has provided specialist services to advertisers throughout his career, including as co-founder of Manning Gottlieb Media (now M G OMD), and as CEO of OMD’s UK media agency division. He has since spent over 15 years providing independent consultancy services in media effectiveness, efficiency and transparency, at Ebiquity, MediaLink and for his company, Encyclomedia International. Nick has long been a champion of media transparency for advertisers and has helped the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) develop industry studies into the complexity of the digital media eco-system.

Nick’s role at MMC will be to broaden the range of the company’s services as the complexity of marketing and media continues to demand heightened independent scrutiny by advertisers, especially in Retail Media, Connected TV and Social Commerce.

Stephen Broderick of MMC commented: “We are delighted that Nick has agreed to join MMC as he continues to be at the forefront of the media transparency debate. His experience will help MMC continue to adapt and develop our services, ensuring that our clients are protected in an industry that feels like it changes on a daily basis.”

Nick Manning continued: “As marketing becomes increasingly complex, advertisers need experts to guide them to the most appropriate terms with their commercial partners and then require strong governance of contract delivery. In only three years MMC has established a strong position in its market, and I look forward to helping the company consolidate and expand its services.”

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