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Contract Compliance Auditing has become a regular practice for many advertisers due to the ever-increasing complexity of the media landscape. There are an increasing number of different organisations involved in the planning and buying supply chain, all with their own commercial interests, that are not always aligned with the interests of the client. Advertisers need to be sure that they have received the best independent advice that delivers on the transparency promises of their relationship and contracts. Contract Compliance Auditing does just that...


But it’s not just the media system that needs advertiser focus. We are seeing increasing opaqueness within the non-media supply chain and advertisers are auditing their creative, production and BTL agencies like never before.​


With over 20 years’ experience conducting marketing compliance audits in over 110 countries, the Media Marketing Compliance Audit Team is a trusted local and global partner to the leading advertisers, providing audit services all the way through the marketing supply chain.


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Our aim and approach

All Media Marketing Compliance audits follow the same basic approach. Our aim is to answer some simple but critical questions for your organisation.

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Are the amounts paid by advertisers handled in line with the terms of the agreement between you and the agency?

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Is the agency passing on the true costs incurred and have the services been delivered?

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Is the agency earning further revenue, disclosed or non-disclosed, in addition to the agreed remuneration?

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Is the agency utilising related parties without your knowledge, potentially creating a conflict of interest and influencing the strategic planning?

Why choose Media Marketing Compliance?



Our auditors have 20+ years experience conducting audits in over 110 countries



Our staff have unrivalled knowledge of the marketing agency industry and contract composition


Track Record

Proven results in delivering significant savings across marketing spend



Market leading customer satisfaction and advocacy


The marketing categories we audit

Media Marketing Compliance can provide audit services across the entire spectrum of marketing categories and agency deliverables.

Click on the marketing categories below to learn more about the key aspects we aim to cover during the audit process.

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Media Planning & Buying

Creative (White).png
Creative (Blue).png

Creative & Production

Experiential (White).png
Experiential (Blue).png

Experiential Marketing

Merchandise (White).png
Merchandise (Blue).png

Field Marketing & Merchandising

Digital (White).png



Print (White).png
Print (Blue).png



PR (White).png
PR (Blue).png

PR & Marketing Consultancy

Barter (White).png
Barter (Blue).png

Barter Management


Our audit services

Abacus (Navy).png

Contract Compliance

Luggage (Navy).png

Exit Audit

Onboard (Navy).png


Piggy Bank (Navy).png

Remuneration Verification

Contract (Navy).png

Contract Review


Meet the team

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Stephen Broderick


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Fiona Foy

North America

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Jonathan Pigden

South Africa

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Elliot Sherrington


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David Reid


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Nick Johnson


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Tony Whittingstall


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Shubhra Kakkar

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Jessie Li


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Tom Yuan

Members of ICAEW

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Media Marketing Compliance Limited are an ICAEW Chartered Accounting Firm. Why is that important for your business? Click on the link below to learn more.

Industry Body Associations

Our experienced team have worked extensively with many of the advertisers' representative organisations around the world, providing expert knowledge and helping to shape the advice to advertisers.


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